K. Penning B.V. is an operating company. In addition to its trade activities such as the purchase and sale of cut flowers and indoor and garden plants to customers in Germany, the company specializes in a number of added values that specifically target the retail trade specialized in products other than flowers and plants, e.g. the grocery store.

For flowers and plants, we specialize in the delivery of complete shop and sales concepts as well as the well-conceived product and distribution concepts developed for and in cooperation with a specific chain business. The common objective is to make flower and plant sales a resounding commercial success.
Our company is in its element for service merchandising and rack-jobbing systems, as well as deliveries on consignment to chain stores. We have been involved in these systems on a daily basis since our company was founded in 1995.

Of course, in addition to this marketing specialty, a high purchasing and product level is indispensable in acquiring a strong market position. We excel in this: our key to success derives from our high quality, freshness and shelf-life norms coupled with a suitable price for the consumer.
Targeted purchasing for a specific account and our unique and wide range of products serve to meet the desired purchasing and product level.
A hundred nurserymen, who sell through the Dutch auctions, form the (ground) source for our purchasing.
Fashionable and trendy pots, vases, ceramics and packaging materials such as foils, covers, bows/ribbons, cards and (home) labels are added to the product thematically / by occasion or as part of a product line to provide the customer with a distinctive product.

Technology is also a key factor in our operations: IT applications developed and implemented by our staff for logistic systems and (shop) bar coding including “in-store bar coding” serve to meet the present and future requirements of the chain store.

As a company / business unit that is small, highly flexible and expedient, we are in a unique position to offer an efficient organization completely focused on and tailored to a specific account.
For fresh goods, you can take particular advantage of this targeted and efficient way of organizing.

Our company philosophy and methodology consist of conceptual thinking and operation.
In terms of company morale, we value professional dealings with our contacts such as customers, suppliers, transporters, and their personnel as well as consumers/organizations and government; moreover, we never lose sight of environmental aspects and social personnel policy.

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