About us

Every day, huge quantities of fresh flowers and plants are traded around the world. The Netherlands is the largest market and trading post for horticulture ornamentals. Flower and plant exporter K. Penning B.V. is at the heart of this sector, specializing in the purchase, sale, distribution and marketing of cut flowers and indoor and outdoor plants for various clients throughout Western Europe.

As a flower and plant exporter, we take care of everything on behalf of our clients. We cater specifically to organizations whose core business is not the sale of flowers and plants, such as supermarkets, food companies and gas station stores. In short: we arrange everything from A to Z. Purchasing wholesale products from nurseries, ensuring seamless logistical integration, stocking supermarket shelves, deploying expert staff and organizing product presentations: anything is possible.

Together we can determine the best formula for you. You can opt for full service, half service or our purchasing and sales services. All of our services can be tailored to suit your specific needs and wishes. With years of experience, we know which products sell at specific times, and we do our purchasing accordingly. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the freshest flowers and plants in your store at all times.

Purchasing & Sales
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