Core values

Creative and innovative


Trends and developments follow each other in quick succession in the flower and plant sector. That’s why we focus on daily practice. We understand the latest trends and know which color combinations and collections sell. This allows us to respond accordingly. The composition of a successful flower and plant range also takes into account seasonal demand and special flowers days, like Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and Easter. Our creativity and innovation allows us to offer exclusive flower and plant products for affordable prices. This helps us remain distinctive, progressive and successful.

Fast and flexible


Flowers and plants have a limited shelf life. A fast supply chain is therefore essential in order to guarantee freshness and quality. We are headquartered at the Royal FloraHolland site, which has excellent logistics. The purchasing, collection, and distribution of flowers and plants can therefore be carried out extremely quickly.  Every day, specialized transportation companies pick up small and large loads from auctions around the country and transport these to customers in every corner of Europe. The products are transported at night to ensure next-day delivery in stores.

Knowledge and experience


We are at the heart of the trade in cut flowers and ornamentals and deliver directly to retail stores. The practical experience we have acquired over many years helped us develop an extensive network of contacts and specialist knowledge and information. We have our own testing site with full-service activities which enables us to provide smart solutions. This ability to turn theory into practice forms the basis of our success.



All clients are different and have their own specific needs. We will discuss your situation with you to identify your priorities and then provide you with the necessary customization. Our communication is fast and efficient and we are capable of implementing small and large changes quickly. Weather conditions, local preferences, customs and events, market conditions and other unforeseen circumstances influence the ornamental products we purchase. As an expert, we are capable of taking these fluctuations in stride and responding flexibly, with passion and commitment, as the situation changes.